Dimensions Nessi U (W/H/D) 310cm/79-91cm/242cm
Dimensions Nessi 6P (W/H/D) 242cm/79-91cm/242cm
Dimensions Nessi 5P (W/H/D) 237cm/79-91cm/173cm
Dimensions Nessi 3DL (W/H/D) 238cm/79-91cm/101cm
Dimensions Nessi ES (W/H/D) 96cm/79-91cm/96cm
Dimensions Nessi HBK2 (W/H/D) 65cm/42cm/50cm
Sleeping function (Corner sofas and sofa) Yes
Sleeping area (Nessi 6P/Nessi 5P) 200cm x 140cm
Sleeping area (Nessi U) 270cm x 140cm
Sleeping area (Nessi 3DL) 196cm x 140cm
Seat (Corner sofas, sofa and armchair) Wavy spring
Back (sofa and armchair) Wavy spring
Bedding container (Nessi U/Nessi 5P) 2 containers
Bedding container (Nessi 6P/Nessi 3DL) 1 container
Sofa leg Plastic